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To tell you all about my year.

Before we begin, I'm not depressed. I'm just really ready for this year to be over.

  • I have a fantastic boyfriend who I love and who loves me
  • I saw some more consecutive shows this year than any other
  • I met some really great people.
  • I work at the IMAX but all my friends still work there too!
  • James died
  • So did my cat
  • I got canned from my first real job
  • I am incrediably poor.
That's a pretty heavy list of cons.
2008 can go fuck itself. That's all I'm saying.


For the first time I can remember, I am proud to be an American. I am proud of how admiatly we made oursleves heard, of how quickly we united. We have been a country reprisented by an arrigant, ignorant, power hungry individual for the past 8 years to the rest of the world. Now we have a sincere, cool headed, foward thinking individual who I honestly think will help portray us with respect and dignity.

People in Seattle were litterally dancing in the streets last night. They closed off entire blocks of Downtown and Capitol Hill to let people celebrate and bask in that amazing night. Never in my life have I even imagined that people would be this united, this inspired by one man, let alone a politician. We were a force last night, a community, brought together by need for change, and the hope that Barack Obama would be the man to pave the way to it. I honestly can't believe how happy I am, becuase I can honestly see that the future will be brighter than it has been since my adolesence.

The war in Iraq started when I was in Middle School, the people I went to highschool have gone through deployments there, and several may be going back. I have more than a few friends, and a boyfriend, looking for employment. I've had friends who've had to postpone finishing school, moving places they want to go, to get married, all becuase of the last 8 years of this administration. I went to England two years ago, and only talked when it was nessisary becuase I didn't want people to know I was an American, I was well aware of the stigma we carried around the world. I am aware of the negative affect we've had on everyone we've come into contact with just becuase of that Fucktard Bush not being able to close his stupid, selfish mouth.

But now, we have the promise of Obama. Here is a man who just by campagning, got thousands of people to rally for him in Berlin. He gave hope for our good name in other countries before he was even elected. I cannot imaigne all the good that will come when he gets into office. A man who has clearly established a team of those who are best at what they do, making thought out decisions, and brought to us a retirect of finding common ground for everyone he talks to, even those who didn't give him thier vote. A man who will listen, and decide a best course of action, wieghing the consequences of his actions.

I am so excited, becuase the beautiful dream that America is supposed to be, is all that Obama represents. Unity, Hope, Progress. I am so proud to have had this been my first election, to say that I played a part in giving our country a chance a real change.


I'm just bored, really

So I thought I owed anyone who cared a decent update.

First off, I need recommendations.
I am in desperate need of new music. Every time I see a Radiohead LP that's under 30 dollars, I feel compelled to buy it, and do. But, the sad fact is, that as much as I would love to make babies with Thom Yorke, I can only listen to the same band so many times.
So far, I'm downloading the Fujiya and Miyagi album, and Fiest's Let it Die. Any thoughts?

I also signed up for Netflix, and so far have finished off watching A Bit of Fry and Laurie, which is delightful as always, The Triplets of Belleville, (which I always call Triplets of Bellevue), and sadly enough I watched The Wall for the first time. I wasn't entirely convinced. The songs didn't really follow what was going on, it didn't make a whole lot of sence, and I wanted to slap Pink. Maybe it's just becuase I wasn't stoned.
Any thoughts on what to add?

My birthday is on the 3rd, and I'm going to go see Jamie Lidell. I like his music, but William REALLY likes him, and insists he's a great preformer, which I believe, so I'll go. AND THEN I am having a costume party on the 4th, the theme being the incrediably broad topic of Your Favorite Historical Figure. Thusly, I will be Freddie Mercury. I spent this weekend going to thriftstores and buying plastic jackets and mustaches. Clearly, it will be a grand affair, although I don't know what to do with everyone once they are in costumes.

I bought Lego Batman, and got stuck after playing for 10 minutes. Seriously?

My boyfriend is house sitting in Fremont for a friends of his family, and they have a  hot tub! And said I could use thier washer and dryer! I am sadly and more excited by the latter than I am by the former. Free laundry that is garenteed to be dry the first time it finishes is quite the luxury! I feel like I am going on vacation!

My boss isn't here today, and said she may not even be in tomorrow, which I feverently hope is true! Any time she isn't here is a garenteed day of being left to my own devices, allowed to do my work in peace, without having her soul sucking stress transferred onto me for the sake of my own misery. Hurray!

Radiohead at The White River Ampitheatre

If anyone ever wants to make a playlist for the best night of my life, this would be it:

01. 15 Step [Ed encourages the crowd to participate in the 'Yay!' chorus]
02. Reckoner
03. Optimistic
04. There There
05. All I Need
06. Pyramid Song
07. Talk Show Host
08. The National Anthem
09. The Gloaming
10. Videotape
11. Lucky
12. Faust Arp [Thom messes up lyrics several times, starts singing Neil Young's "Tell Me Why"; Jonny tries to follow along but can't quite get the chords. Phil comes out and drops an American dollar bill out in front of Thom and Jonny and runs away laughing. Thom and Jonny crack up completely to loud cheers. Thom tries again, says "Fuck it!", but then continues and finishes the song.]
13. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
14. Climbing Up The Walls
15. Dollars and Cents
16. Nude
17. Bodysnatchers

Encore 1
18. How to Disappear Completely
19. Arpeggi/Weird Fishes
20. Idioteque
21. In Limbo [Tambourine accompaniment by Nigel Godrich. Thom, 'This is Nigel', Ed, 'He makes our records.']
22. Street Spirit

Encore 2
23. You And Whose Army? [Thom dedicates to the people who demonstrated against the WTO in Seattle in 1999]
24. No Surprises
25. Everything In Its Right Place

I stole the accurate setlist from atease.net, those crazy obsessive bastards.

I mean seriousy. Fuck. That set list actually happened. During Pyramid Song, I lagitmatly cried. Cried. There were tears. Holy fucking shit.


radiohead and all their constituants are god.

(except for Liars, who opened for them, and were a noisy, boring mess, but who the cares about the openers anyway?)

and Thom Yorke danced while wearing rediculous red pants.

I do not like

  • anything made by or for a macintosh
  • People, specifically:
    • people on the bus who touch me in some way, accidently or other wise
    • people on the bus who smell
    • people on the bus who won't get out of thier seat when you get up at your stop, and just scoot over, therefore forcing the two of you to be sqawshed together in the isle, and causing us to touch
    • bus drivers who don't come to a full stop at thier designated stop, and when you get up to approch it, keep GOING, and make you have to run to the next stop
  • Bums who shake a cup with coins in your face and expect you to give them something for ABSOLUTLY NOTHING.
  • my vet constantly reminding me durring every interaction we have, that my cat needs her teeth cleaned for a huge fee, after I spent almost a thousand dollars getting her treated for her thyroid.
  • when the technican at work fowards all his calls to my extension, when i work in the dub room on the other side of the building and have no idea what the fuck is going on.
  • Protools deleating my shit. FUCK PROTOOLS DELEATING MY SHIT.


Man! It's time for a change of pace. Today, we're going to talk about my favorite animals. Not even kidding.
Becuase goofy looking animals just bring me such glee!

1. Sloths!
Man, I love sloths! They're all slow and goofy, like a drunken sailor in the form of an Ewok. Not to mention baby sloths are just darling. All they do is yawn, and fall over, and scratch. That's the life!

2. Tapirs!
 I am so endeared to animals that have funny noses, so these guys are pretty great. They look like they have the feet of a pig, the head of a mouse and the nose of an ant-eater. What drunk guy came up with that?

3. Girraffes!
Oh girraffes. My mom says these are her favorite animal, and I have to say, they're up there for me as well. They look like absolutley nothing else, and they have BLUE TOUNGES! That's pretty cool! I've heard they use thier little nub horns for fighting, but girraffes are so mellow, not to mention gangley, that I can't imagine them engaged in any act of exertion. I'd just expect them to topple over if they did.

4. Tigers!
Tigers are an old staple of mine. I like them out of princiable becuase they're giant cats, but they've stuck around for me becuase they're an idosyncracy: a cat who enjoys swimming. Not to mention they're so dern pretty.

4. Moose!
And of course, moose take the cake. They are 1. goofy 2. Have big noses and 3. the plural form of thier name is the same as it's singular form, which just makes life easier for everyone! Therefore, moose are awesome. Apparently they're really agressive, which I can never quite imagine becuase they seem so ho-hum about things. Also, in order for me to find this picture in google images, I had to make sure to have it exclude the terms "dead, car crash, hunting," so I didn't have to look at anything dreadful, and it took out like a third of the results. Disturbing.


does this mean I'm biapolar, or that I'm not sad anymore? Heavens no. If James were here, I'd be pelting him with videos of all the above animals on youtube, and I think he would take glee in my glee. So if he can't, someone has too.

Jun. 4th, 2008

James hung himself the night of the 2nd.
One of the most important people in my life is gone forever.
No one knows why.


Becuase Rachel Says So

I'll update.
She did point out the valid point that if we all updated on a more consistant basis, it would so much easier to keep track of everyone. Our dear friend Lauren moved in with her sister in Portland a couple days ago and I had no idea. But the timing (for me anyway) was perfect, becuase since I have a normal job now I get off on monday just like everyone else. So within the space of about an hour of finding out, I was well on my way to making plans to hang out with her and her sister and thier signifcant others.
I'm so thrilled! I saw her about twice when I was in Hawaii visiting DickFace, but I haven't just gotten to hang out with her since I graduated High School.  I'm going to go buy my Greyhound tickets when I get off of work, which is also a first for me, becuase I've always been terrified to take the Greyhound. I've only ever been in the station here, and it's pretty gross. But I've been told by several people, William included, that the bus itself really isn't that bad. I was planning on taking the Amtrak, becuase I've always wanted to take the train extended distances, but it was pretty absurd. For one, the round trip price on the Greyhound is the price of a one-way on Amtrak, and somehow it still takes the same amount of time. Not to mention, my plan was to leave Sunday night, and the only train leaving Sunday was literally at 5:30 am. I'm probably going to be a zombie the whole time I'm there, but I'm so thrilled I don't care. I even asked to leave early on Friday, so I wouldn't have to go straight there from work, and I wasn't expecting very positive results, becuase it's not like I asked too far in advance. I was expecting her to let me leave half an hour early if at all when we first started talking, but now I get to leave an hour and half early! This is amazing!
So now I get to go home and rest, maybe eat, and then just have William pick me up, and it will be lovley.
I've actually been hoping to go to Portland for a long time now, since it's kind of a given that everyone from Seattle goes there at some point. I really have no idea how far away Eugene is from Portland, but I figure it's the next best thing.
In the meantime, I've been baffeled by the amount of people I know who are engaged/married. In Lauren's case it seems exceptable becuase they have the sence to wait until they get married until they actually get married. But I swear to God, people are effing morons. DickFace's best friend just got married, and he's 20. Everyone is either 20 or 21. In his case, if this is even the same girl, they didn't even get together until like half way through our relationship which means...they've been together...9 mounths? If that? And he doesn't have a job, by the way. WHO WOULD AGREE TO MARRY THIS PERSON?! Not to mention one of my best friends in middle school had what is obviously a shot gun wedding. They weren't together very long either, becuase when I talked to her about 6 mounths ago, she was still single. Now, she's married and pregnant, and the guy is totally unattractive. Which I find even more ironic, becuase she seems to think that she is the totall shit, so how she would lower her standards to such an ugly fellow is beyond me. People make no sence at all.
William's birthday is in the first week of June, and I've been totally stressing over what to get him becuase I want it to be absolutley amazing. So today on Ebay, I found this robot bank that eats your change. It sounds rediculous, but my dad actually had the exact same thing when I was a kid and I thought it was amazing. And when I asked him what his favorite animal the other day, he asked if robots could consititue as an animal. I think, in this case, it does, and am quite thrilled about it. God bless you, ebay.
In other news, I've been working on a meledy of In My Time of Dying by Led Zeppelin, and Nutshell by Alice in Chains. Now, I think that the idea is fantastic, and it will never be perfect, becuase I'm just working in my apartment. But I can't wait until I am actually finished.
And now I have to get ready to leave work.

I like

The things you hear from my apartment.

I am right across the street from a hospital, but I almost never hear sirens--a comforting fact.

Instead, every night after I get home from work (which is very late), I hear a train. I have no idea were it is or were it is going. The only tracks I can remember seeing were down by my school, which is far too far away.

Every day at 5:30, and on Sundays at noonish, I hear church bells from down the street. I am not religious, but I think it is the merriest and most delightful of things.

And most of all, I like that when it rains, since I am on the top floor, I hear it pitter-pattering on the roof.

I like that hearing these things cheers me up, both in their consistency and the fact that my favorite sounds are so near my home.

New Journal!

Hello everyone!
Just spreading the word that I've created a new journal to reflect my thoughts on all the fancy reading I've been doing latley. In addition, occasional thoughts will be heard on the likes of movies, music, and video games.
My wealth of good taste can be found at:



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